Result of different Posts in Cadet College Kharan Baluchistan,

test held on 10, January, 2022 Tuesday

1Lecturer Islamic Studies (BPS-17)View
2Lecturer English (BPS-17)View
3Lecturer Pak Studies (BPS-17)View
4Lecturer Urdu (BPS-17)View
5Lecturer Chemistry (BPS-17)View
6Lecturer Physics (BPS-17)View
7Lecturer Biology (BPS-17)View
8Lecturer Mathematics (BPS-17)View
9Lecturer Computer Science (BPS-17)View
10Admin Officer (BPS-17)View
11Messing Officer (BPS-17)View
12Bursar (BPS-17)View
13Librarian (BPS-17)View
14Nursing Staff (BPS-16)View
15Stenographer (B-15)View
16Senior Clerk (B-14)View
17Khateeb-cum / Pesh Imam (B-14)View
18Personal Assistant (B-12)View
19Computer Lab Supervisor (B-11)View
20Cashier (B-11)View
21AV Lab Assistant (B-11)View
22Junior Clerk (B-11)View

Results of CCKN